It was a splendid summer for the Cape Elizabeth boys hockey team as they began their early preparations for the 2015-2016 season. The team participated in 11 practices at North Yarmouth Academy throughout the summer months. Many of the team's returning players looked sharp throughout the summer, while coaches and fans alike got their first opportunity to see the Capers myriad of incoming freshman take the ice.

The team capped off the summer with a pair of team-building events, including a rousing round of ultimate frisbee at Fort Williams and a group outing of footgolf, an upcoming sport in which one essentially plays golf with soccer ball. Earlier in the summer, the team ran the Cape Challenge 5k in Cape Elizabeth.

The focus now shifts to fall sports for many Capers as the air cools. Fear not, hockey fans--the Capers begin their 2015-2016 season a mere 96 days from the writing of this article. 

Remember to check throughout the fall as we will have more information on the upcoming season, including a fall boosters meeting, the Capers schedule release and more. Be sure to get out to the fields this fall to support Cape Elizabeth athletics!


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